Really interesting piece from Bailey Lamon on Medium…

First of all, I’m tired of watching people turn into pretentious assholes who think their activism makes them better than everyone else, even those oppressed and marginalized groups with whom they claim “allyship”.

If you’ve ever worked in the shelter system, or any field that serves those deemed as oppressed or marginalized in any way, such as abuse victims, the homeless, or people who struggle with addictions and/or mental illness (just a few examples)…one of the first things you learn is that they usually do not frame their worldviews in terms of academic theories you learned in gender studies classes in University.

Anti-intellectualism has very little to do with a person’s political affiliation, their level of education or even the language or ideas they use in making and defending a point.   It has more to do with an inability to tolerate and consider a different point of view.  While the left screeches about “stupid Americans” who elected Trump, they fail to see the problem within their own circles.

Anti-Intellectualism is not a “conservative” problem, it’s an American problem.   The blame does not reside solely with Universities, which have always been left leaning, but more about how we model discourse in the larger culture.  Today we are more concerned about what a child learns in school or really anywhere without much thought to how they learn, their ability to question and think critically and to engage in meaningful and civil debate.

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