Welcome to Walmart, my name is H.A.L.

Walmart is planning to use Drones in its retail locations.

From TXN:

Walmart believes that this technology would be convenient for the shoppers who face procurement issues and for those who are in hurry. Speaking about the practicality of the concept either drones would be accessible to the customers or customer will be kept away from the drones that retrieving the items.

The issue of higher minimum wages is becoming more and more irrelevant.  The reality is that brick and mortar retailers are feeling the pinch and they need to make things cheaper and processes more convenient for customers in order to compete.  Last week I posted an article from the Wall Street Journal that argues this very point.  What happened to Detroit’s car industry is inevitable in other sectors and regions of the country.

For decades, government officials and corporations have flippantly suggested that folks be re-trained and the problem would be solved.  Yet, this neglects the realities of workers lives – many have children, things they have to pay for – not to mention that many workers do not know where to begin or simply don’t have access to training resources that would impact their circumstances in any meaningful way.

The only real clear solution is to emphasize the importance of skilled trades or college education for younger workers and future generations. However, this does not resolve the immediate issue for everyone and it is unclear as to whether a resolution even exists.

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