Sweating the small stuff

From the NYTimes….

The Gift Of a Lost Coat

Still, as Birdy explained what had happened — she had, she thought, dropped the jacket somewhere at school, but it had not turned up in the lost and found — and as it became clear, over the course of a few days, that the jacket would not be reappearing, I behaved strangely about it, at least mentally, with the emphasis here on mental, as in patient. And that’s because I am parenting.

My boy lost his prized Disney sweatshirt this past week and it hasn’t turned up, both of us are upset about it. The thing is, it’s too small for him now since we went to Disney over a year ago.  On one hand it shouldn’t be a big a deal, but it cost a fortune and I was at least hoping to hand it down to someone deserving.

I wish I could flip to the page on how to handle just such a situation but unfortunately he did not come with a manual. So like most parenting reactions and decisions, I fly by the seat of my pants. Do I push hard about teaching him the lesson of taking care of things or do I let it go because he’s only a small boy?  Where’s the balance between being cruel v. enabling?

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