Sunday Question….. Reminiscing About Spring Break

From USA Today

College students get time off from school every spring — and scores spend break partying it up in popular places such as South Padre Island, Panama City Beach, Miami Beach or Cabo San Lucas. And at the end of the week those breakers often leave behind empty beer cans, liquor bottles, cigarettes, trash and damage to the beaches and marine life.

So I came across this randomly while reading about Earth Day and it made me think back on my own Spring Break adventures during my College years. It never involve destroying anything  and I honestly don’t remember so much filth and dirt around. This was a disgrace. My goodness.

But there were adventures. There was that one time my friend woke up tied to a Donkey in Cancun. It was a fairly long rope. Unfortunately, in his panic, the Donkey kicked my friend and took out 2 teeth.

This year my Spring Break involved coralling 6 kids ages 3 to 11 from one activity to another. I got a couple of wine bottles in there somewhere but it made me a little nostalgic for a break. Yeah. Im that parent.

So what sort of debauchery did you indulge in during your Spring Break?

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