Food & Family Traditions

I listen to NPR a lot and as a lifelong New Yorker my all time favorite show is The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC. His Food Friday segment is a must listen for me every week. This week’s segment was about…

Dining With The Syria Supper Club
Kate McCaffrey and Melina McCall discuss the Syria Supper Club, where women from refugee families cook elaborate dinners and Americans host the meals at the homes or community centers.

I absolutely love the idea of community suppers. When I was growing up my parents loved to entertain and our home would host a dinner party nearly every weekend. Much of my childhood memories are of playing with other kids while my parents entertained the adults. A big part of figuring out who I was happened during those dinner parties. But I didn’t always love them. Sometimes the combination of kids wasn’t anyone I cared for. Other times I felt forced to entertain when I really just wanted a weekend of doing nothing and being by myself. I had no say in it. I was a kid.

I’m a parent now and life has come full circle. That sometimes dreaded ritual is something I absolutely relish partaking in now. I love entertaining and having people over. The funny thing is I do not have memories of the foods; although my mother made a mean lamb chop. We host friends or participate in potluck with other parents in our neighborhood often. Often the foods are simple and not elaborate but made with love and pride and always plentiful. There is always room at our table for anyone to join us at the last minute. It’s one of the things about living in suburbia and being a grown up I love so much.

And I’m happy to say my kids really love it too. Well at least so far. Time will tell.

What are food traditions you cherish?

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