Nerd Words: 5 Bookish AF Words About Wine

Two great loves of my life are wine and words. Also, I’m chock-full of useless information, and Alex Trebek hasn’t called because Jeopardy isn’t ready for this nerdy jelly, so it’s your lucky day!

From nebuchadnezzars to noble rot, the wine convo at your next cocktail party is about to get super smart when you drop any of these $10 gems into the conversation!

5. Nebuchadnezzar:
The absolute largest size bottle of wine there is. A nebuchadnezzar holds a whopping 20 standard 750 ml bottles! You won’t find them on the shelf at your average wine shop, and they’re not generally on restaurant wine lists. Need a bottle of wine too big to lift by yourself? Better get that special order placed in advance!

4. Terroir*:
Pronounced ter-WAR, this French word encompasses all the elements present at a particular vineyard that contribute to the taste of the wine they produce. Whether the soil, the climate, or the average sun and rainfall of the area, this one word refers to the entire combination of elements that produced the taste of a wine.
*Nope. Not terrier. And definitely not terror.

3. Oenophile:
This Greek descended word refers to one who is a connoisseur of wines, knowledgeable in oenology, the study of wines. (Confession: this is my favourite wine related nerd word! Use it wisely!)

2. Tastevin:
A small shallow silver cup, resembling a shrunken soup bowl, worn around the neck of a wine-taster or wine producer and used when considering the maturity and quality of a wine.

1. Botrytis:
Government name for the fungus more commonly referred to as noble rot. The fungus enters the grape through the skin and consumes most of the water in the fruit, leaving it dehydrated and full of sugar. The noble rot process is key in the making of certain dessert wines; sweet, heady wine, courtesy a layer of grey yuck! YUM!

And there you have it – a set of fancy af words to bandy about in wine conversation at your next swanky shindig. Now go hoist that nebuchadnezzar onto a crane a pour yourself a glass. You’ve earned it!

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